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  1. Felicia,
    My name is Christy Diamond and I am on the Art Committee for Denver Seminary. Your name came up in our last meeting and we would like to talk to you about exhibiting your art work in our gallery n the Fall of 2017. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.


    1. hello, I am so sorry, my comments on here have been going to the wrong email, for a very long time 😦 I would absolutely be interested in any future opportunities. I will email you right away.


  2. Hi, Felicia – Thanks for the reply on the YouTube video. We’re doing great, thanks! I accidentally created a channel using the wrong GMail account, and they wouldn’t let me correct it, so I deleted the account, which also deleted our comment and your reply. So I reposted my comment from this email. Best – Rob and Molly Harris


  3. Hi Felicia,
    I stopped by the Allied art gallery today and noticed some of your work. It’s beautiful. I am thinking about hopefully putting a couple of my pieces of my art ( most abstract & are done with acrylic paints) . I have taken 1 class at Michaels, other than that I learn as I go. It’s a hobby I started about a year ago & I’m really enjoy it. I’m a stay at home mom & painting gives me a great outlet. I noticed you Offer a painting classes. Any chance you hold a class for acrylic painting ? Are your classes one on one or a group setting ? I would love the opportunity to meet you & learn more about your pieces. I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you!



    1. Hey, So sorry for the late response…comments on the website often times get lost. It would be great to meet you as well! Please feel free to use the contact form to message me. My schedule will be quite chaotic these next few weeks. We are foster parents are are getting a new sibling goup. But yes, I would love to teach another Acrylic class. Be sure to follow Allied Arts on Facebook to see all classes.


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