Art In Haiti

Me sharing a a Paper Bead Lesson Here is a post from my religion blog. I talk about my experience teaching art in Haiti leading art lessons. I will edit the post a bit. To see the original and more about the religions of Haiti and my spiritual experience check out my SckRlgn Blog. As … Continue reading Art In Haiti

Books 4 Haiti

If you would like to help me make it back to Haiti there are several ways you can help. One of those ways is to purchase a upcycled, repurposed, and/or hand-sewn book (or another product) from my ETSY shop. All of the items in the Art+ Charity section will send at least half of the … Continue reading Books 4 Haiti

Hatian Orchid

Here are some drawings of a bright purple orchid that was in the driveway of our hotel. The rectangle images are on postcard backs and the other is on watercolor paper.  To read more about my trip to Haiti, check out my Haiti Journal.     Here is a photograph of the orchid. Continue reading Hatian Orchid