Maya and Mucha

In the video below I talk about a poster I created in response to black beauty and Maya Angelou. Though this video is about black beauty the overall theme is that all people need to love themselves for who they are. Phenomenal WomanPretty women wonder where my secret lies.I’m not cute or built to suit … Continue reading Maya and Mucha

Art In Haiti

Me sharing a a Paper Bead Lesson Here is a post from my religion blog. I talk about my experience teaching art in Haiti leading art lessons. I will edit the post a bit. To see the original and more about the religions of Haiti and my spiritual experience check out my SckRlgn Blog. As … Continue reading Art In Haiti

Hot Combs

I drew these hot combs while I was debating whether I wanted to go with African American religious culture or beauty for an overarching theme for my exhibition.  I went with religious culture but do still have some work focusing on beauty issues both from the “Make it Plain” exhibition and other work.  See more … Continue reading Hot Combs

Black Hair

Startling but true. When you look at the price of weaves, relaxers and wigs you will understand where these numbers come from.  If you look at the history of black hair in America this statistics takes on another meaning.  Black hair is a social justice topic that is important just like any other topic dealing … Continue reading Black Hair